Adventure travel tours has become quite popular, especially over the past few years whether you are traveling, backpacking or on a gap year. It’s pretty understandable that people would rather invest their hard earned money and time into a vacation that provides longer lasting memories, improved health and excitement.

Adventure travel such as adventure travel tours in Thailand are an obvious healthy alternative to lying in a resort, over drinking and eating yourself to sleep, only to return with no lasting memories.

Benefits of Adventure Travel

Getting dirty improves your physical health
Like many things in life, the definition of what qualifies as adventure travel is completely dependent on who you talk to.

Wikipedia would tell you that “adventure travel is a type of tourism, involving exploration or travel with perceived (and possibly actual) risk, and potentially requiring specialized skills and physical exertion.”

Outdoor activities can prevent or treat a wide range of health problems
Doctors around the country are now handing out “park prescriptions” for conditions ranging from heart disease to obesity to attention deficit disorder. Adventure travel takes park prescriptions to the next level.

Offers Personal Growth and Challenges
Even on guided tours, you will be pushed physically and mentally. You find out what you are made of. And you learn that you can do more than you ever thought you could. Late afternoon, you may be tired and your feet hurt, but you still have a couple of miles to go. You manage to pull resources from within and you make it. You strengthen your resilience. That evening, you relax with a cold one and relive the day’s experience with your fellow adventurers.

And then the next day, you wake raring to get that euphoric feeling again. Your best stories come from overcoming obstacles and getting yourself out of a mess or otherwise problem-solving. With adventure travel, you get to test your mettle to see what you are made of.

When you look back on your trips, your fondest memories are usually when you battled and won under the most trying of circumstances. Once you’ve beaten the obstacle, you are more alive and more confident. It’s exhilarating!

Gives You a Sense of Accomplishment
Adventure travel is not for wimps. Days can be physically challenging. You often deal with rain, cold or wind, which can mean mud and chills. You HAVE to get from one place to the next, so even when you are tired and dirty, you have to forge ahead to the day’s destination. If travelling solo, you develop the mental strength to get there on your own. In a group, you get the support of the others to cheer you to the day’s finish line. At the end of the day, you look back in wonder at what you achieved and you feel bigger inside. Adventure travel is a great confidence builder. You learn that you are capable of far more than you ever dreamt and develop tremendous coping skills as you meet new obstacles and challenges.

Nature improves your brain
We get distracted and multi-task all day. Which gives us all a bit of attention deficit disorder. When on an adventure trip, you naturally stay in the moment. This allows your brain to rest, and I believe, heal. So consider adventure travel ‘Attention Restoration Therapy’. One study found being in nature helps restore the higher cognitive functions we require in today’s device-driven days. This study found a 50% increase in creativity and problem-solving skills after only three days of hiking. Researchers aren’t sure if it was being in nature or being disconnected or a combo, but you get both with adventure travel!

There is no doubt in my mind that the slow steady pace of adventure travel helps your brain sort through things so you see things more clearly and helps you to find the solutions to your current dilemmas. In addition, another study found that aerobic activity actually increases your brain’s hippocampus so aids in memory retention.

More meaningful travel
Compared to sit on the beach with a fruity drink or even the large group packaged bus tours where you zoom from one stop to the next to snap a photo, with adventure travel you mix with the locals and engage with the culture of the place you are visiting. Plus, you disburse your spending across villages with the local merchants which better helps the local economy. Because of your interactions with the locals, you return home with a better understanding of the culture which expands your world view.

Active Adventures Reduce Stress
Have you ever wondered why your family and friends return home after an active adventure with a smile on their face? It’s because they’re happier for it! It’s been scientifically proven that active travel adventures help to reduce stress.

Average stress levels throughout western societies have been rising over the past decade. But research suggests that spending time in the outdoors can help. Nature walks (link sends e-mail) have been found to boost attention levels and decrease early signs of anxiety and depression. They help in restoring higher cognitive function and can increase your creativity and problem-solving skills in just three days. Some doctors are now writing “park prescriptions” in order to get their patients outside to enjoy these benefits.

A disconnect from your usual environment allows you to sort through your stress-related issues with a refreshed perspective. This not only reduces your stress levels at the moment but allows you to handle stress more effectively when you’re back at home. In addition to keeping you mentally sharp, active travel adventures also raise your tolerance for uncertainty. Travel rarely goes exactly to plan, and these trip help you learn how to cope with life’s never-ending challenges.

Going on adventures raises your tolerance for uncertainty.
Placing yourself in situations where things don’t always go as planned—such as on an adventure trip—helps you learn to cope with the uncertainties in life. And there is no shortage of those.

Join Small Group Adventure Tours

Small Group Adventure Tours place an emphasis on an adventure (no surprise there) and make an effort to take you off the beaten track so you can experience a country from the inside. They tend to share a few things in common; group sizes are limited (normally to about 15 people) and, this type of exploration is more about being a traveller than being a tourist. Many people decide to go travelling alone but opt to include a small group tour or two, in order to meet people or to get off the beaten track in a destination that’s safer to travel with a group.

You’ll get a kick out of being in the company of like-minded travellers who are taking time to explore the same part of the world as you, in the same way. Shared interest and experience tends to bond people together very quickly, whether you’re travelling on a converted truck across Africa or kayaking in Costa Rica. Small group tours generally consist of 10-15 people, all sharing amazing, often life-changing experiences. You’re bound to come away from your tour experience with great memories and some new friends!

Not only can group tours be outstanding value for money – many people find that having a tour booked makes it easier to budget for the trip. Once you’ve paid for your trip and the kitty, all you need is some spending money for things like beer and personal items.


Adventures give us pleasing celebrations, which we often memories for long life and bring back to the forefront of our minds for recollecting. This means that our journeys “pickle” a while, an especially valuable workout these days when we are all so continuously busy that most of what we do passes by in a flash and it will not retain long time—without having any real meaning attached to it. But reliving our adventures again and again will allow us the time—and capability—to learn more things from them.

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