In this article, you will find out why you should volunteer in Tanzania for your volunteering experience overseas.

If you are looking to do volunteering abroad then you should volunteer in Tanzania as it can be a life-changing opportunity.

One of the best things you can do that would help people and help you become a better person is to try volunteering in Tanzania. Whether you are taking a break from work or you have decided to help entire communities, the best place you can go to is Tanzania.

Everyone who has volunteered here had different experiences. Some were more adventurous and others were a little difficult to adapt to. Some were teachers, coaches or nurses. Others climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, visited the safari or Zanzibar. 

But, they all had something in common. All the volunteers in Tanzania have returned proud and happy they managed to land a hand in such a place. They claimed to be fortunate enough to be able to help so many children. 

The memories of this place will never leave you. It might even shape your lives.

Let’s see why you should volunteer in Tanzania!

Why Pick Tanzania as Your Volunteering Destination?

Tanzania is the biggest country in East Africa. There are so many adventures you can try out and you will never be bored. If you love sunny beaches and warm waters, Zanzibar is the place to go. You can even climb on top of Mount Kilimanjaro or even visit the luxurious and breathtaking Ngorongoro crater. 

If you want to explore and volunteer at the same time, Tanzania will definitely keep you busy. Even though this country is the most stable one in Africa (politically), it is extremely poor, lacks proper education, resources for education, and epidemics like AIDS & HIV are rampant.  

For any passionate international volunteer, there is plenty of stuff to do. You can choose to help in different sectors. Even if you lack experience, you can still participate as a dedicated volunteer. The people in Tanzania will gladly accept your help.

There are plenty of things you can learn about their culture, way of life, history and even the wildlife that surrounds them. Whatever you choose to help with will not disappoint you. Your efforts will be highly valued.

Health Issues

Due to the significant lack of resources in the health department, many people in this country often have to deal with serious health-related issues. Especially those that live outside of the urban centers. Common illnesses for them can be deadly. 

People in Tanzania often have to deal with hepatitis A, typhoid and malaria. But, the most rampant epidemic is AIDS/HIV. This is such a big problem that affects a huge percentage of the population in this country.

So, if you choose to land a hand in the health department, you will not only be helping treat patients with such illnesses, but you will also have to teach how to prevent them and take better care of their health. 

The people here lack knowledge. It is up to passionate volunteers such as you, to make a change. Volunteering in Tanzania will help you gain valuable medical experience. You will learn directly from experienced doctors who have dedicated their lives to help those in need.

Help Develop the Community

Around 36% of the people in Tanzania live in severe poverty. Most of them are from rural areas. The government sends little support. That is why volunteers are necessary to implement various programs to help construct the villages.

Providing them with clean water and a clean place to live. In the long run, such programs will help improve peoples’ quality of life. You can participate in building houses, classrooms, or literally anything that can be helpful.

You can even team up with other volunteers to builds things more efficiently. 

Help the Wildlife

All the conservation areas, reserves, marine, and national parks in Tanzania make up a third of its territory. Having a sector dedicated to preserving these natural wonders would be ideal for the animals that live there. 

But, that’s not all. If many volunteers agree to work and maintain these lands, this entire territory would help encourage and improve the ecotourism in Tanzania. 

What makes Tanzania one of the most amazing countries in Africa is its climate conditions. Around the coastal areas of Dar es Salaam, you will realize the lands are less populated because it is humid, hot, and very dry.

But, the national parks are a completely different story. The climate here is very comfortable. Many wildebeest migrate to the Masai Mara. This national park has a beautiful ecosystem. There are plenty of rhinos, buffalos, lions, elephants, and even leopards. There are other animals too, like giraffes, zebras, and hyenas.

The national parks are not the only thing you can experience. Mountain climbing is also a big thing you can try in Tanzania. Not only is it challenging, but it can be really fun too. Especially if you are into climbing. 

There are plenty of tourist attractions you simply can’t miss. There is even a dormant volcano. Now, that is a sight to see. Other than that, you can visit Lake Tanganyika, the National Game Reserve, and Olduvai Gorge. 

Hospitality and Education

The education system in this country is underdeveloped and not appreciated at all. Rarely anyone speaks English, which is why volunteers are necessary to fill that empty gap. Due to the lack of English teachers, many volunteers agree to work in schools. 

Yet, English is not the only subject that lacks teachers. In fact, there are plenty of other subjects that are not usually covered in schools like science, computer literacy, and mathematics. People don’t believe education is necessary to improve the country. 

There aren’t enough health facilities and schools outside the urban areas. That is why volunteering in such a place is crucial for helping both the young and old. 

The more you work with the Tanzanian people, the more you will start to appreciate their language and culture. Since very few people will know how to speak English, it might be best that you learn a word or two to get by. 

Try to learn their greetings. People will respect you more. If you try your best to learn about their culture and language, the community will be more receptive. So, be open to new things and try to experience all that Tanzania has to offer.

You can teach the children crucial basic education and life skills through games and colorful books. Such practical experience will prove truly valuable in the end.

Unique Culture

Tanzania has a rich culture. The center of that culture is in the town of Zanzibar. The more you explore this town, the more you will start to appreciate its ancient history and learn more about the people of this country. 

Here, you will learn to control your emotions, especially in public. This is the key to Tanzanian culture. 

They highly value their language, respect their traditions and acknowledge their artifacts. What westerners usually find strange in Tanzania is the way people display their affection. Well, the truth is, they don’t.

The people in this country never hold hands in public. Especially women and men. Men can hold hands to show their friendship, but no one expresses their love in public. This is a big no-no in Tanzania. 

Their traditional food is very good. If you haven’t been to Tanzania before, you should definitely try the Swahili dish. 

The traditional food in Tanzania includes stiff cornmeal, rice, and beans. The most common porridge you will probably taste is called “ugali”. There is one thing you should definitely have in mind when you are eating in front of the people. 

It is customary to eat food with your right hand. It doesn’t matter if you are using a spoon, fork, or a knife. People in Tanzania consider the right hand to be the cleanest. The left hand is used for cleaning the bottom when going to the bathroom. It would be weird if you ate with your left hand.

Take Health Precautions

If you have decided to volunteer in Tanzania, there are some things you should do before you go on your journey. It is imperative that you visit your doctor once a month before you depart. You will also need to receive proper vaccination for Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Typhoid.

If you don’t receive these vaccines you can’t enter the country. Another thing you should do is try to be safe from mosquitos. Malaria is a big problem in Tanzania. So, make sure that you have a proper regiment that will keep you safe from Malaria. There are some prescribed antimalarials that can help you out.

Except for the health, there is nothing else you should worry about. Tanzania is a very peaceful place. Many travelers often visit this country on a vacation. In the urban areas can be a little dangerous if you wear expensive jewelry and flaunt it. This can be expected since Tanzania is a very poor country. So, be humble and wear humble clothes and you will have no issues at all. 

If you have decided to help the people of Tanzania, you should definitely use this opportunity to experience all that the country has to offer. Enjoy your stay and be open to new experiences.

Let’s take a look at how to volunteer in Tanzania and where you can do volunteering.

Where to Volunteer in Tanzania

Tanzania is an enormous nation in Eastern Africa inside the African Great Lakes district. Portions of the nation are in Southern Africa and it is flanked by Kenya and Uganda toward the north; Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo toward the west; Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique toward the south; and by the Indian Ocean toward the east.


You will remain in the region of Monduli situated inside the Arusha locale, in northeastern Tanzania. The Monduli area is an amazingly prominent spot for travelers to figure out how the nearby Maasai individuals live just as they watch the common habitat. Various attractions, for example, Lake Manyara, Mount Meru, Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro can be discovered close-by and are the marvels of the district.


You will remain a basic, customary, family home in a Maasai Village in Arusha. Found numerous kilometers from the cleared primary street which leads into the closest enormous city Arusha, with numerous towns en route. Moita is a considerable amount unusual. The territory is harsh and meagerly secured by grass, shrubberies, and trees. In the dry season occupants of Moita town must walk a few kilometers to get water for cooking, drinking and infrequently for washing.

What are the Volunteer Opportunities in Tanzania

Teaching English

Meet another age of excited understudies and help improve their English as a network educator in Tanzania!

Instruct in nearby schools in the locale of Monduli and help the understudies expand their psyches. It will likewise be a satisfying knowledge for you! Benevolent teachers will give direction and exercise plans to you dependent on their educational modules. Participate in casual gathering exercises including recreations, shading, books, toys, all with the objective of improving the nearby youngsters’ English.


Experience Tanzania by partaking in its nearby protection endeavors around the country outback of Monduli.

Get associated with ranger service endeavors, showing classes on ecological preservation, tree planting and that’s just the beginning! This program is a piece of a push to safeguard the nearby condition and offer significant natural attention to the neighborhood network in Monduli.


Investigate a neighborhood outside hold in Tanzania, as a component of an untamed life protection activity. Realize why these endeavors are so significant!

Help safeguard Tanzania’s common legacy and untamed life, by helping nearby officers, as they complete an assortment of significant obligations all through the zone. Prepare to find out about Tanzania’s nearby untamed life and the stuff to keep them and their environment flourishing. You may even have a couple of encounters with its stunning creatures!

Maasai Tribal Immersion

Find out about the pleased Maasai individuals! Submerge yourself in their customary traditions, day by day schedules and appreciate each second of this life-changing background!

This gives understanding into the way of life of this astounding African clan. Today the Maasai are popular for their conventional garments, fabulous narrating, grouping techniques, and migrant way of life. Despite the fact that specialists have urged the Maasai to relinquish their lifestyle, these pleased individuals have held quick to their deep-rooted traditions.

Women Empowerment

Maasai Tribe people group are generally male-centric, however, at this point, these astonishing ladies are making their own specific manner, which enables them to have their very own say!

This program gives understanding into the interesting society of the Maasai Tribe and the effect that is felt when the training of young ladies isn’t organized. The essential spotlight is on the improvement of fundamental aptitudes and budgetary proficiency of the neighborhood ladies, who are figuring out how they can acquire assets to help themselves and instruct their kids.

This is a free week wherein you have the choice to proceed to invest your energy investigating the nation and doing what you cherish best.

Regardless of what way you do amid your spare time, be it spending time with your companions, perusing that great novel you constantly needed to, or notwithstanding composing a blog, it will make sure to give you additionally enduring recollections en route!

Medial Internship

Be a piece of a therapeutic program at a nearby medical clinic in Arusha, Tanzania and increase profitable information about medicinal services administration close by neighborhood experts.

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