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The Cambodia Summer Volunteer Program 2020

Have an amazing time during the Cambodia summer volunteer program from June until September 2020. The program starts and finishes in Siem Reap and consists of 3 fantastic weeks in Cambodia :

  • Week 1 : Culture Week in (Siem Reap & Samraong)
  • Week 2 : Temple Conservation (Banteay Chhmar)
  • Week 3 : Mangrove Conservation (Kampot)
Cambodia Summer Program Summary

Location: Cambodia
Start Dates
: Start every Monday from June until September 2020
Arrival: Siem Reap Airport on Sunday
End of the Program: Siem Reap
Duration: 3 weeks
Accommodation: Volunteer house
Age: Join from 17 years old

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  • Participant Safety – Safety is a top priority for us, with trustworthy projects, partners and coordinators that have been fully trained to deal with safety issues.
  • Make Friends – Meet up with the friendly locals and like-minded travelers during your program.
  • Explore on Weekends – You have the weekends free to explore and travel and create great travel experiences.
  • Self Development – We see volunteering as an essential part of personal and career development, playing a key role in building on life and work related skills.
Arrival Details
You need to arrive on the Sunday before the start date of the program at Siem Reap Airport between 06:00 – 16:00. You will be picked up from the airport and taken to your accommodation.
Accommodation and Meals
There are three meals included from Monday to Friday and two meals during the weekend.

The accommodation is in a volunteer house and homestay and is shared based on single gender rooms .

Requirements to Join
  • Participants need to be minimum 17 years to join
  • Participants need to be in good physical and mental health
  • You need to have your own travel insurance
  • Participants must have a clean criminal background check, click here for details

Reviews cambodia

“I had an amazing time in Cambodia with GapXperience. I was happy with the whole experience and would love to go back there in the future.”

Jennifer Stroud

“I had such an amazing time volunteering in Cambodia. This was truly a life changing experience, which I cannot wait to do again. Thank you!”

Ben Mattress

About the Summer Program in Cambodia

The program starts and finishes in Siem Reap and consists of 3 fantastic weeks in Cambodia :

  • Week 1 : Culture Week in (Siem Reap & Samraong)
  • Week 2 : Temple Conservation (Banteay Chhmar)
  • Week 3 : Mangrove Conservation (Kampot)

The program starts and finishes in Siem Reap.

Culture Week in Siem Reap & Samraong

This is the type of week you were waiting for. It is packed with action and adventure. You get to enjoy Cambodian culture, go sightseeing, interact with the locals, learn about Buddhism, and much more. You will see the backpacker’s hotspot in Siem Reap, North Cambodia. There is so much you can do. You can enjoy the nightlife and explore the popular temple. You can even see the breathtaking countryside or walk around Samraong. You will experience Cambodia in a unique way. Not from a stranger’s perspective, but from the local’s. You will experience their way of life.

That’s exactly what this culture week is created for. You will experience Cambodian way of life, traditions, and customs. You will see all the surrounding areas. This is the kind of memory that will stick with you forever. It is a comfortable experience you will never forget.
Cambodia is famous for its outstanding temples. But, Samraong and Siem Reap are no exception. You will also get to meet the monks. We have arranged a Q&A session with the monks. Here you can talk with them to better understand their culture.
You will stay in the rural area of Samraong and the popular city of Siem Reap. You will also have the chance to learn basic Cambodian. Just so that you can “survive”. You will learn how to cook unique Cambodian recipes and various techniques. In the end, you will get to taste your work.

Cambodian way of life is more different. It is much slower. That’s why you will have enough time to interact with the locals. You will learn a lot about their culture. When you are outside of your accommodations, you will be expected to wear modest clothing. By modest, it means you should cover your shoulders and legs. This way, you will show respect.

On Monday there is an orientation. The orientation includes: getting to know the house rules, meeting the people, learning about safety and health, what you can and can’t do, Khmer culture, and you get a tour of the surrounding area.


Monday – Siem Reap
Introducing the house rules, meeting the people, learning about safety and health, what you can and can’t do, taking care of the documents, Khmer language and culture lessons, a tour of the surrounding local area, going to the nearby shops.
Visiting banks, supermarkets, ATMs, old market, sim-card if you need to.
Trip to Wat Thmey and Wat Preah Prom Rath, a short pagoda
Visiting the night market, the pub street, exploring the most dynamic areas of Siem Reap
Tuesday – Siem Reap
Trip to the most famous place for swimming – West Baray and visiting the silk farm.
Trip to the Museum of War in honor of the Civil War, you will be accompanied by ex-soldiers.
A visit to a famous craft shop – Artisant D’Angkor, that makes ancient Khmer arts and crafts
Khmer massage salon
Wednesday – Samraong
Departure for Samraong
Introducing new projects
Exploring the local Cambodian Village
Thursday – Samraong
Exploring the Greenway School in the rural area, constructed from scratch by participants over the years.
Exploring the areas around Samraong and visiting the neighboring villages.
Cambodian cooking lesson
Friday – Samraong
A tour to the neighboring temple: you get to help out the monks by doing chores
Scheduled Q&A with the local monks.
Time to relax and recharge your batteries.

* Depending on certain circumstances, unforeseen events, bad weather, or conditions in the local areas, this schedule could be changed.


On weekdays you get 3 meals per day while on weekends you get 2 meals. These meals are traditional Cambodian meals people eat on a daily basis. On some occasions, you might get a Western-type of meal.

Accommodation Siem Reap

Your accommodations are outside of Siem Reap. This is the perfect place for you to experience the rural side of Cambodian culture, but still, be close enough to the city whenever you want to go there. The city is like an entrance to the Angkor world with all the Colonial markets, architecture, nightlife, and museums. Here you will find the most popular attractions in Cambodia.

Your accommodations are a typical house a Cambodian resident would live in. You get two terraces to enjoy the view outside, and a living room, among other rooms. There are two shops nearby that are only a minute away. To go downtown in Siem Reap, you will need a bike ride not longer than 10 minutes. Here you can get anything you need. The house provides you with a bike. If you don’t want to use a bike, you can always get a tuk-tuk to take you to the center.

Accommodation Samraong

Samraong, which means “impenetrable jungle” when translated, is a town very close to the Thailand border in northwest Cambodia. Your accommodations will be in a small village just outside of town. This is the perfect place for you to experience how the rural area looks like. You will have enough time to visit all the attractions and famous places in Cambodia. It takes only a two-hour trip to get to Siem Reap.

You will receive natural and very simple accommodations. You can relax, eat, or meet other people. There is also free Wi-Fi available. If you request certain changes to your room or your location, requests such as these can’t be guaranteed. You can get bikes to visit anything in the nearby area when you are free.

In Samraong, there is a bank and an ATM machine. If you need to buy any essentials, you can visit the local shops nearby. It depends on where your accommodation is located. The nearest shops might be a 10 to 15-minute walk or bike ride.

Temple Conservation in Banteay Chhmar

You can help conserve the temples around Banteay Chhmar with the local team. This is one of the best-kept secrets in Cambodia.
The goal of this project is to help the team that conserves and preserves the temples close to Banteay Chhmar. Since these temples have been overgrown, covered by trees and well-hidden, most of these temples have yet to be discovered.

Banteay Chhmar is not so popular, but still a very important archeological complex of the Angkor period. In the Banteay Meanchey Province, this is a famous attraction for tourists. The area is huge. It has shrines, temples, and a reservoir. In total, there are nine smaller temples around the Banteay Chhmar temple. Since the authorities and the locals didn’t take care of the temples over the years, the areas became overgrown. Now, small trees and bushes cover and hide these smaller temples.

The goal of this project is for you to assist the local team in preserving and conserving these temples. With your help, the community around the temples will preserve their culture, attract more visitors, and grow economically.

You will have to wear modest clothing outside of your accommodation to show respect. These are a type of clothes that cover the shoulders and legs.

Aims & Objectives

Taking part in the preservation and conservation of the local culture and history.
Creating new opportunities to engage with the locals and learn from them.
Gaining valuable knowledge and practical skills from conservation.


In the morning, every newcomer will get introduced to the main projects, goals, and Banteay Chhmar. After that, you can explore the satellite temples and visit the village. You will explore Banteay Chhmar after lunch, and visit the local craft shops for scarf weaving. If you decide to continue with the project, all the tasks you will be doing are specified in the rest of the schedule.
Tuesday to Friday
You will help out the local team with preserving and conserving the main temple sites. Some of the things you will be doing include: cutting down overgrown grass, trees, and bushes, cleaning the temple, removing stone and trash, planting new tree saplings, creating signs, educating students to take better care of the temples.
Depending on certain circumstances, unforeseen events, bad weather, or conditions in the local areas, this schedule could be changed.


On weekdays you get 3 meals per day while on weekends you get 2 meals. These meals are traditional Cambodian meals people eat on a daily basis. On some occasions, you might get a Western-type of meal.

Accommodation in Banteay Chhmar

Banteay Chhmar, in northwest Cambodia, is a commune in Banteay Meanchey province of the Thma Puok District. The commune is made up of 14 villages in total. Four of them are located around the temple grounds in Banteay Chhmar. The total number of people who live there is only 6000+.

You will remain in the village while you participate in the program. Your accommodation will be a wooden house built in an authentic Khmer style. Have in mind that the type of toilets they use are squat toilets. They are proven to be much healthier. This is the typical way of life in Cambodia.

You will visit the baray reservoir, Banteay Chhmar temple, and the satellite shrines. These are one of the most valuable and least known archeological complexes of the ancient Angkor period in Cambodia.

There are also nine smaller temples near the big temple of Banteay Chhmar. They are well-covered and hidden with trees and bushes because the authorities and the locals didn’t conserve the area.

Mangrove Conservation in Kampot

You can put an end to the severe deforestation that was done a couple of years ago by investing your time in planting new mangroves.
The goal of our project is to conserve the Mangrove plantation. Mangrove is a crucial part of our eco-system. It is a vital part for the future of the next generation. You will also contribute to the local community. You will help develop the community. You can teach English or another type of projects.

In the last couple of years, the trend to remove the mangroves became very popular. The goal of this project is to reverse the damage done to the mangrove plantations and conserve the sites. But, this can only be achieved if we combine physical work with education. Planting new mangroves and educating the young generation.

For both international and domestic tourism, the Kampot province is slowly becoming one of the most famous destinations in Cambodia. Located in the south-east area of the country, it has plenty of natural attractions to offer.
A key to increasing tourism is managing the mangrove sites. However, in the last couple of years, many mangrove plantations are no longer planted near river banks. Instead, people rely on salt plantations because they give a short-term profit. As a result, illegal fishing has drastically increased.

Aims & Objectives

Planting mangroves to conserve plantation sites and reverse deforestation.
Raise awareness and educate the young on how to conserve mangroves, and the importance of these plantations.
You obtain valuable teaching and practical experience.
You help the community by lending a hand.


Monday to Friday
The activities or tasks you do will depend on the state of the plantation site. There is more than just planting a seed. The local fishermen will give you advice on how to carefully do each step.
We might have to work near the accommodation. We might go to the closest delta by boat, which is 20 min away to collect seeds or we will repair young mangroves. We might go to the pepper plantations or the local farms that farm organic produce. You will learn valuable techniques from the locals. Where we will go depends on the local conditions.
We also would like to teach young children in the village English. But, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

The program finishes on Saturday when your transport back to Siem Reap is organised.

* Depending on certain circumstances, unforeseen events, bad weather, or conditions in the local areas, this schedule could be changed.


On weekdays you get 3 meals per day while on weekends you get 2 meals. These meals are traditional Cambodian meals people eat on a daily basis. And occasional Western-type of meal.

Accommodation in Kampot

The project is located only 7km away from Kampot, in a rural area. Here you can explore the river and enjoy nature. You can stare at the night sky. You’ll be resting in overwater bungalows. They are the key to a unique Cambodian experience. You can swim, ride a boat, or a kayak.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find an overview of the frequently asked questions about our programs. If you have a question please feel free to contact us.

Are the program fees subject to change?

When you apply, we will email you your acceptance to the program together with a price quotation. When you confirm your booking paying your deposit within one month from the date you applied then your program fee will remain unchanged, even if the fees might change on the website during this time.

What is the average age of participants?

We have participants of different ages. Most are between 17 and 35 years. But we also have participants who are older. The programs are suitable for both younger volunteers and older volunteers.

What is the support like overseas?

We believe our support at our destinations is excellent, just check our testimonials and reviews to see what our customers said. We have full-time staff in each destination. It is their job to set up and coordinate your placement, check out your accommodation, meet you at the airport and provide you with any support you need.

Can I also join my friend or family member?

Yes, you can book any of our programs together with one or more people. We will then organize your program together. Just let us know when you sign up and you will each receive a discount of £35/US$45/AU$60/€40.

Can I participate for a short period?

Yes you can participate from one week (from 2 weeks for some programs). You have a choice of different projects where you can gain a fantastic experience.

How well should my English be?

Anyone who can understand and speak reasonable English and express themselves in English can participate in the program. The level of English of the children you will teach is usually low.

Is travel insurance mandatory?

Yes this is mandatory. You are responsible for yourself if something happens to you abroad. That is why you have to take out travel insurance yourself before you leave.

Will I be picked up from the airport?

Yes, you will be picked up from the airport by the local coordinator. Let us know your flight details and we will arrange this for you.

Can I choose what type of project I want to work at?

Yes you can certainly do that. During your registration you can let us know which project (s) you want to join. You work about 4-5 hours a day, from Monday to Friday. At the weekend you are free to travel or to discover the surroundings.

Are your programs suitable for an internship?

yes that is possible for some projects. In the past we have had several participants who have done our program as an internship. Contact us if you have specific requirements for your internship.

Can I combine different countries?

Yes you can combine different countries. That is a great way for a unique experience of different cultures in one journey.

Can I still travel around after the program?

Yes, you can do this, we have several volunteers who travel around after their program has been done or before their program starts.

Will other volunteers be present on the project?

The number of volunteers can vary depending on the period, the country and the project. We can not guarantee the presence of other volunteers on the project.

Do I have to reserve my flight myself?

Yes you book yourself for your flight. Once you book we will let you know the details of your arrival and then you can book your flight. Let us know your flight details and we will arrange your pickup on arrival.

What to do in case of difficulties on the spot?

In the event of difficulties on the spot, you should first contact the person in charge of the project on site to inform that person about your situation. If the problems persist, contact us so that we can help if needed.

When can I register?

The earlier, the better it is to be certain of your place on a project on the dates of your choice. You can still register up to 4 weeks before departure, we will let you know within 24 hours if the program is still available.

Prices of the summer Program in Cambodia

Price in Pounds
3 weeks : 1195 Pounds

Price in US$
3 weeks : 1455 US$

Price in Euro
3 weeks : 1295 Euro

What’s included : Volunteer Program • Airport pickup • Accommodation • Meals • Support
Not included : flight, insurance, visa, criminal background check, vaccinations, transport back to the airport at end of the program, personal expenses, a 5% international banking fee is charged at the time of payment

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