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Why go with us to China

Hightlights of China Programs

1. Choose from 9 volunteer projects & the China Experience
2. Combine any of our projects and get a discounted price.
3. You have the option to start with the Culture Week which is designed to ease participants into the lifestyle of China and to meet up with other participants.
4. Our prices are some of the lowest of similar programs without reducing the quality, support and services. And with us there is only one price to pay, no extra charges!
5. Our volunteer projects are run responsibly and have a positive impact on supporting local needs.

Combine Projects

You can combine different volunteer projects in one location without extra costs and at a discounted price for projects in different locations.

Self Development

We see volunteering and meaningful travel as an essential part of personal and career development, playing a key role in building on life and work related skills.

Cultural Exchange

We believe that by volunteering, experiencing, living & working side-by-side with local people and communities in developing countries, participants can increase their understanding of the global community, the cultural diversity and the challenges that developing countries face.


Our volunteer projects are run responsibly and have a positive impact on supporting local needs.





Reviews of our China Programs

“My volunteering program in China with GapXperience was great and I learned a lot. My coordinator was excellent. She was very helpful all the time. She also introduced me to other volunteers with whom I had a great time. I enjoyed the program and I would do it again!”

Celine Sanders


“I've just returned to after a few months in Asia. Volunteering with the Pandas with GapXperience was truly fantastic and all the transport and accommodation arrangements were perfect. I would go back tomorrow, if I could.”

Camilla du Toit

South Africa

Our Programs in China

Pandas China

Volunteer with Pandas in China.

Zhanjiang China

5 Projects in Southern China.

Guilin China

Teach English in a kindergarten.

China Experience

Join the China Experience.

Turtles China

Sea Turtle Conservation in China.

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