Voluntariado en India


Voluntario en India con GapXperience. Tenemos diferentes proyectos en India. Puede combinar los proyectos sin costo adicional. 

Programa India

Ubicación: Udaipur/Goa, India
Fechas de inicio: Todos los lunes
Duración: 2-8 semanas

Sobre el programa en India

Voluntariado en India mediante GapXperience con diferentes proyectos de voluntariado disponibles. Hacer un programa de voluntariado en India proporciona una experiencia única, merece la pena. Es una gran manera de obtener nuevas experiencias y habilidades, mientras aprende sobre la cultura local y las personas.

A lo largo de su estancia, tendrá el apoyo y la orientación de nuestro equipo de coordinadores locales de nuestro socio que le proporcionarán asistencia durante su programa.

La duración mínima del programa es de 2 semanas. Puedes comenzar tu programa con la semana de la cultura, pero esto no es obligatorio.


Estará en un alojamiento de voluntarios donde se alojará en una habitación compartida de un solo sexo junto con otros participantes. Hay 3 comidas incluidas de lunes a viernes y 2 comidas por día los fines de semana.


– Los voluntarios deben ser mayores de 17 años para participar.
– Necesitas entender y hablar inglés para poder comunicarte en inglés.
– Debe tener su propio seguro de viaje para unirse al programa.
– Como es un programa intercultural, es importante ser flexible y abierto a las costumbres y tradiciones locales.
– Todos los participantes deben tener una verificación de antecedentes penales y deben entregar una copia al coordinador a su llegada.
– Debe traer una copia impresa de su Currículum


GapXperience ofrece programas de voluntariado seguros, significativos, de calidad, asequibles y con más de 200 programas en todo el mundo.

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Testimonios GapXperience

“Mi experiencia con GapXperience fue perfecta. El personal era muy agradable y amable. Fue una experiencia increíble, lo recomiendo.”


Testimonios GapXperience

“No puedo imaginar una experiencia mejor. El coordinador fue increíble y el voluntariado fue increíblemente gratificante.”


Testimonios GapXperience


“El programa es excelente. Los coordinadores voluntarios fueron de gran ayuda.”


Testimonios GapXperience

“Ha sido una de las experiencias más gratificantes para mí. El coordinador local era muy servicial.”


Testimonios GapXperience


Me impresionó mucho la calidad del programa y el apoyo de GapXperience. ¡El programa fue increíble!


Proyectos en India

Tenemos diferentes proyectos de voluntariado disponibles. También puede combinar proyectos sin costo adicional. Puede crear su propio programa en el formulario de solicitud.


Consistently ranked among India’s top tourist destinations, Goa is the ideal place for first-time travelers and adventurers alike to acclimatize to a different culture. From caves behind waterfalls to villages hidden in sandy coconut forests, there is always something more waiting to be rediscovered. The mountain ranges and spice plantations enhance the beauty of this glorious state. Apart from its natural beauty, this former capital of Portuguese India and home to various UNESCO World Heritage sites has a lot to offer in terms of architecture with churches, cathedrals and forts abounding. Put together, it is all of these aspects and more that make Goa the ultimate travel destination.

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Goa Culture Week

Get familiarized with the customs, culture, surroundings and more of this rich and colourful country. Experience the beauty and culture of Goa, get to know the people, explore its natural treasures, relax on its pristine beaches, visit local markets, historic forts and churches and learn about Goan history and heritage. Learn to cook an Indian meal and take home with you an unforgettable experience.

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Community Engagement Program

By lending your time and effort you will help in improving the quality of life of the local communities in Goa.

Participate in our endeavour to empower the local women through education and life skills, assist in help at a disability care home, and provide social support to elderly people at home for the aged. Join us in this program to inspire the less privileged and help the community to build on their own.

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Kindergarten and Teaching

Embark on a journey into Goa to assist in teaching to the migratory slum children who attend our school in the remote villages of Goa.

The school teaches various educative subjects to migrant slum children from underprivileged backgrounds. On this program, you will have the opportunity to teach the children, teach hygiene and sanitation knowledge and help in organizing educative workshops on various need-based aspects such as sports, arts, health awareness, environment, etc.

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Goa Construction and Renovation

Get your hands dirty and help the underprivileged communities and their schools in Goa with renovation and beautification projects!

The renovation, beautification, and construction project takes place at a site which is carefully chosen by us where infrastructure development assistance is needed. While assisting the community through this project, you will gain valuable experiences by joining hands with the local communities.

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Goa Animal Welfare

Contribute your sweat equity and enthusiasm in construction and renovation efforts to improve the standards of temple schools in Thailand. Our program provides an opportunity for you to work creatively in renovation and construction efforts to upgrade the living standards for all the children at the temple schools. The children here are not necessarily homeless, many come from Hill Tribes or are from poor families who cannot afford to care for them.

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Goa Body and Mind

Spend the week practicing yoga and meditation in a week designed to relax your body and soothe your mind after your projects.

Our program combines yoga and meditation with Ayurvedic treatments for your body. We will teach you the basics of yoga and meditation techniques – and what a better place to get educated about these body-soothing practices than in India!

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Udaipur in Rajasthan

The Royal city of Udaipur located in the state of Rajasthan is commonly called the Venice of the East and nicknamed ‘the city of lakes’ is located in the princely state of Rajasthan. Primarily known for its art and architecture, it has temples dating as far back as 950 AD and palaces dating back to the Rajput era. Fans of The Jungle Book and James Bond films may recognize Udaipur as the birthplace of Bagheera and the location for the Roger Moore starrer Octopussy. Drawing several million tourists a year, it has loads to offer in terms of art, architecture, culture and cuisine. With all of this and more, Udaipur is one of the cities everyone should visit at least once in their lives.

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Rajasthan Culture Week

Immerse yourself into the culture, surroundings and more of this rich and colorful state of Rajasthan.

This action-packed week in the Royal city of Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan will be filled with language lessons, markets and sightseeing! Through these activities, you will begin to get acquainted to this country and its culture, an important step into making your experience more enriching.

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Rajasthan Kindergarten Teaching and Community Outreach

Hop into this incredible and vibrant land of Rajasthan. Take part in teaching and imparting early childhood education to young kindergarten and school children willing to learn from you.

Reach out to these bunch of energy packed kids with enthusiasm and take back home memorable experiences with the satisfaction of had taught something valuable to these future citizens.

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Rajasthan Sports Coach

Help out with fun sport sessions at local schools and introduce new activities to children from rural areas.

During this program, sport is utilized to create opportunities for children to develop physically, mentally, socially and academically. With team sports such as soccer, volleyball, cricket, hockey, athletics and gymnastics, the children will gain valuable team building skills and a sense of discipline that will be of great assistance throughout their lives.

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Rajasthan Construction and Renovation

Hop into this incredible and vibrant land of Rajasthan. Get your hands dirty and help the underprivileged communities and their schools in India with construction projects!

The main construction site of this project is located in a local hearing-impaired school allocated to the poor, but can also take place elsewhere in the area where development construction assistance is needed. While assisting the local community with their developments, you will gain valuable experiences as well as cultural exchanges with the Indian people.

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Rajasthan Wildlife Sanctuary Program

This sanctuary houses 61 species & is a safe haven for animals born in captivity, injured, in breeding programs & do not have the skills to survive in the wild.

The program involves work at a biological park in various areas of development, redesigning and also assisting the staff with everyday activities. Get involved in a fun way to teach young school students about animal habitats using a project-based learning approach.

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An area of unspoilt natural beauty, framed by snow-capped Himalayan peaks. The capital of Sikkim, Gangtok, reflects this tiny state’s extraordinary ethnic diversity. In the crowded city which spills precariously down a ridge, Lepchas (the region’s original inhabitants) live alongside Tibetans, Bhutias, Nepalis and Indians from the plains. Though now full of modern structures, Gangtok’s “Shangrila” aspects can still be experienced in pockets of the city and in its alpine environs.

Until 1975, Sikkim was a kingdom with the status of an Indian Protectorate. It was ruled by the Chogyals Buddhists of Tibetan origin, whose dynasty began in the 17th century. However, the British Raj’s policies of importing cheap labour from neighbouring Nepal for Sikkim’s rice, cardamom and tea plantations drastically changed Sikkim’s demography, soon Nepali Hindus constituted 75 per cent of the state’s population. In 1975, the population of Sikkim voted overwhelmingly to join the Indian Republic, ending the rule of Palden Thondup, the last Chogyal.

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Sikkim Teaching Project

Visit Sikkim, and work with enthusiastic underprivileged children who will be happy to meet and learn from you!

You not only teach the course but it brings positive change which helps the children to be self-motivated and independent. You will teach at small local village schools or at a local kindergarten where you can foster good relationships with the children as you assist with extracurricular activities and inspire them to achieve their full potential and broaden their perspectives.

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Sikkim Teaching at Buddhist Monastery

Teach English to novice monks in authentic Himalayan monasteries!

This program is tailored for those who are interested in teaching English, spoken and conversational, Mathematics and at the same time learning something new yourself! You will be teaching monks of all ages inside a monastery, which will give you the unique opportunity to immerse in their day-to-day lifestyle and learn about Buddhism.

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India Road Trip

Journey into India and experience seven vastly distinctive regions of this exotic and diverse country by experiencing the perfect road trip of a lifetime!

The India Road Trip takes you from the capital city to the foothills of the Himalayas and to the beaches in Goa. Experience Buddhist culture, visit Golden Temple and Taj Mahal. An adventurous camel safari coupled with a night camping in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan and UNESCO heritage sites. Participate in community engagement projects in Goa.

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Precios del programa

2 semanas: €630
3 semanas: €840
4 semanas: €1055
+1 semana: €225

Hay un costo adicional por semana para estos proyectos:
45 € por semana para Cultura, Construcción, Proyectos Sikkim, Vida Silvestre y Animales
195 € por semana para el Road Trip, Body & Mind

Qué está incluido: Programa de Voluntariado • Recogida en el aeropuerto • Alojamiento • Comidas (de lunes a viernes) • Apoyo • Información previa a la salida

Qué no está incluido: vuelo, seguro, visado, verificación de antecedentes penales, vacunas, transporte de vuelta al aeropuerto al final del programa, gastos personales


GapXperience ofrece programas de voluntariado seguros, significativos, de calidad, asequibles y con más de 200 programas en todo el mundo.

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