buiding project IN ghana

Assist the locals with much needed construction, repairs and renovations, by getting your hands dirty and engaging with the community! Our building projects are dictated by community need. As a result, you may find yourself renovating a school, building a home, or constructing a community centre.

No matter which phase of a project you join, you can be certain that your contribution will be long-lived and highly appreciated. No experience is necessary, as you will be working alongside locals who have plenty of experience in dealing with local materials. By joining a building project, you will bring the (wo)manpower that is needed to fuel the construction. Projects are selected by community need. This therefore creates a variety of different projects.


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Accommodation in Ghana


Accra is the capital and largest city in Ghana, with a population of over two million. Accra stretches along the Ghanaian Atlantic coast and extends north. Our accommodation is located in Teshie, a coastal suburban town on the east side of Accra. It is a quickly growing suburb that’s getting bigger and bigger every day. Teshie is rich in its diversity and has its own train station for easy transport.

Accommodation & Food

About the Accommodation
During your stay here in Ghana you will be accommodated at our center here in Accra. The accommodation has a pool (donations for maintenance are requested) and is located within a gated community. Rooms are generally dorm style and are separated between male and female. Programs are located about 20 – 40 minutes away from the house. Limited WIFI is available in the common area. Staff remains on site 7 days a week to assist participants.

Food Arrangements
Typical Ghanaian dishes mixed with western food will be served at the accommodation. Typical ghanaian food includes rice dishes, beans, fruits, vegetables, chicken, beef and fish.


It is close to all amenities with the closest shops within a 5-10 minute walk. ATM is 5 minutes away by taxi. Restaurants and bars are 20 minute taxi ride.


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