30+ Gap & Volunteer Programs in Bali, Lombok and Flores in Indonesia
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Our Programs in wonderful Indonesia

30+ Volunteering Programs in Indonesia in Bali, Nusa Penida, Lombok and Flores, including Teaching, Kindergarten, Environmental, Health, Turtle Conservation, Bali Experience, a combination of adventure, culture and volunteering and much more! You can join in Indonesia every Monday for most programs from a short term 2 weeks and from 17 years old!

Reviews Indonesia

“If you are still wandering whether Bali is the best choice for your volunteering project I tell you: Yes! I really recommend this experience to everybody.”

Virginia Petetti

“The coordinator provided excellent information including information about the local culture and people. She also gave me lots of information about surrounding places and good places to visit. My coordinator is extremely helpful and has gone above and beyond. In my introduction week I have been immersed into the culture of Bali. The food and accommodation is brilliant. The food has been freshly prepared by local people and is always delicious.”

Victoria Howard

Our Programs in Indonesia

Doing a volunteer program in Indonesia provides a unique & worthwhile experience and is a great way to gain new experiences and skill sets while learning about the local culture and people. All our projects in different locations in Indonesia can be combined, the transport between the locations is not included.

Join the best volunteer trips in Bali and Indonesia with various volunteer abroad opportunities including teaching English at a school, be a teacher at a kindergarten, community activities, and construction projects for short term 2 weeks up to long term or on a gap year for young people, students, couples and adults international volunteers who want to help to make a difference and give their free time and effort to local children and people with ethical volunteering work programs in developing countries with legitimate development organisations overseas in summer and throughout the year with no qualifications required.

Join with GapXperience with many wonderful reviews and over 200 cheap & affordable programs in over 30 countries worldwide.

In Indonesia we have over 20 programs in different locations in Bali, Lombok and Flores :

Cultural Week in Ubud
Teaching English in Ubud
Kindergarten in Ubud
Construction & Renovation in Ubud
Environment Education Program in Ubud
Healthcare Education program in Ubud
Bali Adventure in Ubud
Dog Project in Ubud
Bali Experience
IT Skills Training in Ubud
Balinese Spirit Dancing in Ubud
Yoga & Meditation in Ubud

Comfort Senior Experience in Bali
Introduction Week in Lovina
Teaching in Lovina
Kindergarten in Lovina
Construction Project in Lovina
Sports Coaching in Lovina
Yoga & Meditation in Lovina
Bali Turtle Conservation in Nusa Penida
Cultural Week in Lombok
Teaching in Lombok
Kindergarten in Lombok

Healthcare Education in Lombok
Construction & Renovation in Lombok
Reconstruction in Lombok
Beach Week in Lombok
Cultural Week in Flores
Teaching in Flores
Adventure in Flores
Flores Road Trip

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