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28 Vrijwilligerswerk Projecten in Thailand
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Start: start elke maandag
Arrival: Bangkok Airport
Duur: vanaf 1 week
Leeftijd: vanaf 17 years
Prijs: vanaf 395 Euro

Neem deel aan de vrijwilligerswerk projecten in Thailand in verschillende locaties in Thailand met GapXperience. In Thailand hebben wij 28 projecten zoals Engelse les geven op een school, olifanten, bouw, sport en culturele projecten in verschillende locaties waar je kan deelnemen vanaf 1 week.

GapXperience dé specialist voor vrijwilligerswerk projecten, culturele uitwisselingen en reizen

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Reisverhalen GapXperience Thailand

“Het programma was heel goed. De ondersteuning van mijn coördinator was geweldig. Bedankt en ik zal zeker nog met GapXperience op reis gaan!”

Annelies Slijpen

“Het programma was fantastisch van start tot finish. I was heel onder de indruk van de kwaliteit van het programma in Thailand.”

Anna Soboleva

Ik heb zoveel geleerd en mijn ogen zijn echt open gegaan gedurende mijn programma. Het heb een fantastische tijd gehad en dit was de beste ervaring van mijn leven!”

Sophine Kooiman

Over de Programma’s in Thailand

Doe vrijwilligerswerk in Thailand met GapXperience! Bij ons vindt je de laagste prijzen en een ruime keuze aan projecten in Thailand en zo kan je je eigen programma bouwen zoals je zelf wilt vanaf 1 tot en met 8 weken. Je kan beginnen elke maandag gedurende het volledige jaar. 

De programma’s in Thailand zijn voor volwassenen, jongvolwassenen, jongeren en studenten die willen reizen tijdens een tussenjaar en helpen als vrijwilliger bij vrijwilligersprojecten en internationaal ontwikkelingswerk. Doe mee aan onze goedkope programma’s in ontwikkelingslanden voor Nederlandse of Belgische vrijwilligers met onze organisatie en ga als vrijwilliger naar het buitenland met GapXperience.

Je dient toe te komen in Bangkok International Airport op zaterdag of zondag waar je opgehaald wordt en transport naar je accommodatie voor je wordt geregeld op zaterdag (08.00 – 20.00) of zondag (08.00 – 15.00).

Onze programma’s in Thailand zijn een van de meest betaalbare kwaliteitsprogramma’s en je kan deelnemen aan het programma voor een korte periode van 1 week tot 8 weken en de verschillende programma’s combineren zonder extra kosten. 

Je hebt continue begeleiding van de coördinators in de Thailand. Bij hen kun je altijd terugvallen voor hulp en voor vragen en in geval van nood. Zij kunnen je ook helpen met reisadviezen en informatie over reizen na afloop van je programma.

Je kan deelnemen aan verschillende vrijwilligerswerk programma’s waarbij je intensief kennismaakt met de mensen en de cultuur van Thailand. Je kan je programma starten met de Cultuurweek, maar dat is niet verplicht.

Accommodatie & Maaltijden

Je verblijft in een volunteer house op een gedeelde kamer. De kamers zijn eenvoudig maar voorzien van de basisfaciliteiten. Tijdens je programma krijg je drie maaltijden per dag van maandag tot vrijdag en 2 maaltijden per dag tijdens het weekend.


Programma Voorwaarden

  • Deelnemers moeten minimaal 17 jaar zijn.
  • Je spreekt redelijk goed Engels en je bent flexibel. En je bent vooral gemotiveerd om anderen te helpen.
  • Voor projecten dien je een Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag (VOG) in Nederland of een Uittreksel uit het Strafregister Model 2 of attest van goed gedrag en zeden in België van je lokale overheid te verkrijgen. Hier is info over hoe je dit document kan bekomen: Nederland België
  • Voor het vrijwilligerswerk is ervaring niet vereist. Je flexibiliteit, inzet en motivatie is het belangrijkste om deel te nemen.
  • Als deelnemer moet je zelf een reisverzekering afsluiten.

De programma’s in Thailand

Er zijn verschillende programma’s beschikbaar in Thailand. Je hebt de keuze om te starten met de Cultuurweek maar dat is niet verplicht. Je kan zelf je programma samenstellen door aan 1 project deel te nemen of door verschillende projecten te combineren, dit kan je doen op het aanmeldingsformulier. Er zijn verschillende programma’s beschikbaar in Thailand die kunnen worden gecombineerd. Het transport tussen de verschillende programma’s is inbegrepen!

Hier zijn alle programma’s in Thailand :

Singburi (Central Thailand)

You will be located in the outskirts of Singburi, an interesting town 142 km north of Bangkok. Singburi was founded under the reign of King Rama V through the consolidation of 3 small towns located on the bank of The Chao Phraya River. The three small towns, Sing Buri, In Buri and Phrom Buri, were then established as a single town on the west of the Chao Phraya River in 1895. Your new home is set close to the village of Tha Kham, an extremely rural area that will give you the chance to experience Thailand that very few get to see.

You can upgrade to a private or comfort room at an extra cost.

Click here for info about the accommodation in Singburi
Click here for pictures of the accommodation
* an upgrade to a private or comfort room is available, extra charges apply, depending on availability, let us know in the comments section on the application form if you want a private or comfort room

Culture Week

Learn more about Thailand, bond with fellow participants, and immerse yourself in the area and culture. This is your kick start into a new country and way of life. The Culture week is a must for you to truly indulge into your new surroundings. Through cooking and language lessons, visits to the most famous sights around Central Thailand as well as lesser-known attractions and meeting locals, you will surely be introduced to the country’s culture, traditions, history and lifestyle.

Click here for full details

School Placement Teaching English

Give back to the local rural community students by teaching English in one of the many schools in and around Singburi. Teach in rural schools, help the students broaden their minds, and enjoy a fulfilling experience. The way you teach is entirely up to you. For example, you may create real-life situations, games and other activities while utilizing the English language. There is a lot of freedom for your own creativity to bring new forms of teaching and ideas into the classroom!

Click here for full details

Sports Coaching

Help out with fun sport sessions at local schools and introduce new physical activities to children from rural areas. During this program, you’ll use sport to help children develop socially, physically, and mentally. Through training in team sports such as soccer, volleyball, rugby and basketball, the children will gain valuable team building skills and a sense of discipline that will leave them with great memories, habits and attitudes for the rest of their lives.

Click here for full details and brochure

Sustainability Workshop

What if we could use the trash of today to power workshops where young people can work on the solutions for tomorrow. Following this question, we developed our own take at cleaning the environment and recycling. We collect and sort trash along local streets and rivers, then extract valuable plastic and use it to create new items. Along the way everybody can learn lots and lots about why recycling is so hard.

Click here for full details

Temple School Effort

Contribute your sweat equity and enthusiasm in construction and renovation efforts to improve the standards of temple schools in Thailand. Our program provides an opportunity for you to work creatively in renovation and construction efforts to upgrade the living standards for all the children at the temple schools. The children here are not necessarily homeless, many come from Hill Tribes or are from poor families who cannot afford to care for them.

Click here for full details

Community Construction

Assist the locals with their much needed construction support by getting your hands dirty and give something back the community. This program is designed to support the local people by helping in local community construction and renovation projects. These construction and renovation projects mainly take place at local people’s houses and community facilities such as; local medical centres, temples and schools.

Click here for full details

Clay House Construction

Test your teamwork and creative skills by building clay houses using traditional construction methods and natural resources. Building clay houses is becoming increasingly popular in Thailand, not only because they are fun to construct, but also because they are very cool to live in. This program will challenge you to test your teamwork skills and creativity through a completely new experience!

Click here for full details

Thai Boxing

Learn the art of Muay Thai in the country where it was originated. The program is led by a provincial champion and he will not go easy on you. Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing, is the national sport in Thailand. It is dubbed the “art of the eight limbs,” as it teaches you to combat your opponent using eight different points of contact on the body. You will practice under the supervision of a boxing champion in an authentic riverside hut. This program is very intense and your trainer will push you!

Click here for full details

Agricultural Experience

Learn as you grow! That’s right, spend your time learning all about how local farmers grow and harvest banana crops in Thailand. This Agricultural Experience is a hands-on opportunity to learn and apply farming methods used by members of a local agricultural cooperative that is currently receiving governmental support. You will have the opportunity to do all of the work that keeps the growing process going.

Click here for full details

Hua Hin (280 km South Of Bangkok)

Located just 280 kilometers southwest of Bangkok, Hua Hin is one of Thailand’s most popular beach destinations for locals and Expats alike. It is convenient and ever-developing because it is where the city meets the sea. Here you will find scrumptious seafood, lively markets, never-sleeping bars, long beaches, and palm tree-decorated landscapes which have turned this former fishing enclave into a what is now a bustling town, brimming with anything and everything a visitor, tourist, or traveler could ever want!

You can upgrade to a private or comfort room at an extra cost.

Click here for info about the accommodation in Hua Hin
Click here for pictures of the accommodation
* an upgrade to a private or comfort room is available, extra charges apply, depending on availability, let us know in the comments section on the application form if you want a private or comfort room

Hua Hin Child Care and Teaching

Want to know what it’s like to engage in creative learning activities with children? This Child Care and Teaching program located in Hua Hin has it all. In this program, you will prepare teaching lessons for children, help them with their daily activities and chores and put them down for a nap. You will have plenty of time to relax in the evening and have fun with your camp buddies.

Click here for full details

Hua Hin Culture & Beach

Be part of a program where you will be helping with the conservation of Hua Hin’s natural surroundings planting mangroves and cleaning the beach. Based in the seaside town of Hua Hin, our program offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in Thai culture through a variety of different cultural activities and sightseeing in the morning and free time in the afternoons to fully enjoy the gorgeous beach surroundings.

Click here for full details

Hua Hin Community Construction

Want to know what it’s like to participate in a Community Construction Project? This Community Construction program located in Hua Hin has it all. Once you arrive in Bangkok, your program will start in Hua Hin – a seaside resort city known for its popular beaches, extraordinary night markets and delicious street food. You will have plenty of time to relax in the evening and have fun with your camp buddies.

Click here for full details

Hua Hin Environmental Conservation

Want to know what it’s like to participate in an Environmental Conservation effort? Roll up your sleeves and work alongside local farmers at a mangrove nursery. Your program starts in Hua Hin – a lively fisherman-town and popular tourist destination. Your role will vary depending on the current need of the tree nursery. Your responsibilities may involve preparing the seed and soil, watering the plant, nursing and planting the mangroves.

Click here for full details

Teaching and Beach

Give back to the local Thai community and spend time with local students as you teach English in schools in and around Hua Hin. And enjoy the beach too. Teach youngsters in local schools in the morning and have a blast on the beach in the afternoon. This is a chance to do good and feel good at the same time. You will help students to broaden their minds and have a cultural exchange as you teach English and assist local staff with your own creative ideas, songs, games, and other fun activities.

Click here for full details

Hua Hin Beach Combi

Check out Hua Hin, where you will get a taste of Buddhism, help conserve the natural surroundings and of course, spend lots of time relaxing at the beach. There is much to do in the seaside city of Hua Hin. Engage in fun activities taking you to several temples where you will help monks and learn about Buddhism. You will also engage in beach conservation activities, visit local markets and other cultural sites. Afternoons are free for you to explore the city and relax at the beach.

Click here for full details

Beach Yoga

Experience the ancient art of Yoga in a beautiful beach location…Yoga has a lot of health benefits, especially when you are breathing the fresh ocean air. This program will take through Yoga’s physical and internal components with the guidance of a professional instructor. After a week of relaxing Yoga and deep meditation exercises, you are guaranteed to come out of this program with mind and body recharged.

Click here for full details

Cycling Tour

Get your ride on in Thailand! Visit local temples, beaches, markets and other nature sites, as you enjoy a bike tour around Hua Hin. If cycling is your thing, then this is the tour for you! Hop on one of our bikes and enjoy the town at a pace you can appreciate. Expect to pedal your way around 2-3 hours daily, visiting sites of natural beauty and cultural significance. Cook local cuisine, engage with the community, assist on an environmentally friendly beach project, and try a Thai massage.

Click here for full details

Hua Hin Thai Buddhism

Be part of a program where you will be providing alms to the Monks in the morning and participate in uplifting meditation & chanting in the evening. Based in the seaside town of Hua Hin, our Thai Buddhism program offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in Thai culture through a variety of different cultural and religious activities ranging from helping monks with their daily chores to mediation practices.

Click here for full details

Elephant Programs in Umphang & Kanchanaburi


Boasting some of Thailand’s finest forests, a statement not to be taken lightly, Kanchanaburi is rapidly increasing as a popular tourist destination. Situated 130 km west of Bangkok, its central location makes it an ideal stop-off point for those traveling through Thailand. Our location is based in a beautiful setting where you can see the elephants enjoying their natural habitat.

Click here for info about the accommodation in Kanchanaburi


Umphang is the southernmost district of Tak Province in Thailand and is well known not only for its elephants but also for its incredible landscapes and natural sceneries. Set amid numerous national parks, mountains, and lakes, you will find yourself surrounded by nature and beauty at its finest. It offers a peaceful environment and a perfect setting to see the elephants enjoy their natural habitat.

Click here for info about the accommodation in Umphang

Elephant Sanctuary in Kanchanaburi

Get up close to elephants in a sanctuary where they freely roam. Wash them, prepare their food, bathe and swim with them. This project takes care of rescued and sick elephants. You will enjoy washing and swimming with the elephants, whilst also preparing food and making sure that the elephants are living in a comfortable environment. Moreover, we will take you out to discover Kanchanaburi’s gorgeous nature.

Click here for full details

Elephant & Adventure in Umphang

Meet elephants in the incredible mountain-lined habitat of Thailand. Spend time feeding and bathing and trekking alongside them and more. This adventure is situated in Umphang, one of the most spectacular natural environments surrounded by limestone cliffs. Here you will get to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat and participate in the day to day routines of their care. You will be hands on, up close and fully engaged during this amazing experience.

Click here for full details


Phuket is an island location in the south of Thailand, with a landscape of mountains and rainforests, which has some of the best beaches and resorts. It is popular among tourists and locals alike because of the many restaurants, clubs, bars and busy markets. It is the largest island in the province and is surrounded by 32 smaller islands which all provide a unique destination to relax, explore the culture or to enjoy the crystal waters through swimming or sports.

Click here for info about the accommodation in Phuket


Phuket Teaching

Experience a compact and fun teaching program in Phuket where you will have a chance to improve children’s prospects by teaching them English. Here in this program, will you learn about Thailand’s culture and lifestyle, but you will also have plenty of time to spend your afternoons relaxing at a local beach or chill by the pool during your free afternoons. A fantastic way to have fun with your teaching buddies.

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Phuket Teaching & Thai Culture

Our Teaching & Thai Culture Phuket program will guarantee you will have a great time and learn plenty about the customs and traditions of Thailand. In this program, you will have a full week of teaching English and engage in a local community school. Additionally, explore the clear-water beautiful beaches of Phuket. There is also plenty of free time to relax, have fun and dip in the swimming pool.

Click here for full details

Various Locations

These programs are located in different locations, see all the details below.


Thai Buddhism in Wang Nam Khiao

Experience Thai Buddhism guided by local monks. You will sleep in an authentic monastery, practice meditation and learn Buddhism in its purest form. During this week, you will get the opportunity to live and breathe Thai Buddhism firsthand. You will learn to meditate and chant in quiet and spiritual surrounding guided by monks. Moreover, you will get to overnight in a monastery and get to know how the day-to-day of living in one is all about.

Click here for full details
Click here for info about the accommodation

Karen Tribe Teaching in Kaeng Krachan

Get a taste of authentic Thailand! Teach at the local Karen Hill tribe school and explore some of the country’s most spectacular national parks. Live among the Karen Hill tribe in their village. You will get the chance to teach English at a local school and help out with community entrepreneurial efforts. You will also get to enjoy one of Thailand’s most breathtaking views, as the village is set amid Kaeng Krachan National Park, known for its abundance in biodiversity and incomparable beauty.

Click here for full details
Click here for info about the accommodation

Hill Tribe Immersion in Akha Village Chiang Rai

Get immersed in the world of the Akha people, experience fun cultural activities and the natural surroundings of one of the most sublime parts of Thailand. Enjoy one of the most charming and fascinating areas in Thailand. Our program was designed to merge together two completely different worlds: the Akha’s and yours. Through either teaching, gardening or construction work, you will help them develop their infrastructure whilst helping to preserve their lifestyle and culture.

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Tours & Road Trips in Thailand

Here are the different tours and road trips that we have in Thailand, an amazing opportunity to travel & explore this wonderful country in a meaningful and fun way!


Road Trip Best of Thailand 4 weeks

From central Thailand to the north, and from the east to the south. This unique road trip will show the highlights of the ‘land of smiles’. Immerse yourself in the local Thai communities, as well as hill tribes, in this unique experience of authentic Thailand! While covering many miles by bus, minivan, train and boat, you will get the chance to witness what real Thailand is all about.

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Click here for info about the accommodation

Road Trip Best of Thailand 3 Weeks

Many great things come in 3’s, like 3-day weekends and 3-point shots in basketball. This 3 week Road Trip in Thailand will prove yet again that 3’s are great. This 21 day adventure will take you down to the south to enjoy some of the country’s most exotic beaches, up to the north to discover the wonders of Chiang Mai, and then trekking to meet an authentic Hill Tribe village. This is the chance to explore some of the best that the country of Thailand has to offer and enjoy every step of the way!

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Trunk to the South (Road Trip)

Indulge in a wonderful experience that will get you exploring the culture and local customs of the Thai people from the Southern seas. During the various excursions to Thailand’s nature sigh.

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Train Track Northern Thailand (Road Trip)

Explore Thailand from the central plains to the northern highlands on this week-long expedition filled with varied activities. Throughout the week, you will get to experience traditional Thai farming, take part in Buddhist teachings at a monastery by authentic Thai Monks, teach at a local school, visit an Elephant Conservation Center, wander around the backpacker hub that is Chiang Mai and much more!

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Internships in Thailand

These are the internships that we have in Thailand in the exciting city of Bangkok. You will start your internship with an Introduction Week in Thailand. This is a week of cultural training, learning and sightseeing. You can join from 4 up to 26 weeks. The start dates for the internship programs in Thailand are every Monday. Your Accommodation and Food is included in the program. You need to have a clean criminal background check, your resume/CV, a motivation letter including learning goals, expectations and specific placement requests from the intern, internship requirements from your educational institution (if applicable) and documents showing your professional or study related experience in your chosen field.

You can upgrade to a private or comfort room at an extra cost only in Hua Hin and Singburi. Let us know in the comments section on the application form if you want a private room or comfort room accommodation.

You need to apply at least 2-3 months before your start date, it is best to apply several months before your start date if it is possible. Intern in Hospitality & Tourism, Software Programming, Journalism & International Relations – Join from only 1500 Euro, 1295 Pounds, 1695 US$!

International Relations Internship in Bangkok

Use your academic knowledge and experience in a professional work environment to better your career path while benefiting the local community. This program is ideal for those who are drawn to study international relations and are passionate to discuss and research real global issues such as human rights, globalisation, humanitarian action, and international economic development. You will also have the opportunity to gain plenty of insight into the local cultural customs and traditions.

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Software Programming Internship in Bangkok

Gain practical software programming skills engaging in real work, on real projects alongside professional industry personnel. Our internship program in the heart of Bangkok offers interns to work collaboratively with tech companies and sharpen your software skills through various roles such as resolving errors, writing system instructions, analyzing algorithms, providing tech related support and much more.

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Click here for info about the accommodation

Sports Management Internship in Singburi

Get involved with the organization of a daily sport program and use sports to create opportunities for children to develop in a variety of ways. As an intern you will be organizing and leading sport sessions, coach and supervise the coaching team, assist with further development of the sports curriculum (introduce new sports), as well as working on marketing and the online presence of the local sports program.

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Hospitality & Tourism Internship in Hua Hin

Join a growing industry in Thailand as an intern where you will be matched with an ideal organisation under the supervision of a department manager. Get the chance to learn from industry professionals and enrich your CV all while living in a premier beach resort town in Thailand. As a hospitality and tourism intern, you will actively participate in many aspects of the industry such as managing restaurants, event planning, marketing and important administrative tasks.

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For videos of the Thailand programs, click here

Veelgestelde Vragen

Hier vind je een overzicht van veel gestelde vragen over onze programma’s. Als je nog een vraag hebt neem dan gerust contact met ons op.

Wat zijn de voorwaarden om aan een programma deel te nemen?

Naast de minimale leeftijd van 17 jaar, dien je een goede motivatie te hebben en flexibel zijn. Daarnaast moet je Engels van een redelijk niveau zijn.

Moet je over bepaalde ervaring beschikken om aan vrijwilligerswerk deel te kunnen nemen?

Nee, er zijn geen specifieke vereisten voor ervaring. De meeste van onze vrijwilligers hebben geen vrijwilligerswerk ervaring wanneer ze deelnemen aan onze programma’s. Het belangrijkste is dat je flexibel en gemotiveerd bent om vrijwilligerswerk te doen.

Kan ik ook samen met mijn vriend/familielid deelnemen?

Ja, je kan samen met een of meerdere personen elk van onze programma’s boeken. Wij organiseren dan je programma samen. Laat het ons gewoon weten wanneer jij je aanmeldt dan krijgen jullie elk een korting van 40€.

Kan ik deelnemen voor een korte periode?

Ja je kan deelnemen vanaf één tot vier weken (vanaf 2 weken voor sommige programma's). Je hebt keuze uit verschillende projecten waar die op korte termijn een fantastische ervaring kunt opdoen.

Hoe goed moet mijn Engels zijn?

Iedereen die zich in het Engels kan uitdrukken kan deelnemen aan het programma. Het niveau van het Engels van de kinderen aan wie je les zal geven is meestal laag.

Is een reisverzekering verplicht?

Ja dit is verplicht. Jij bent verantwoordelijk voor jezelf als er iets met je gebeurt in het buitenland. Daarom dien je zelf een reisverzekering af te sluiten voor je vertrek.

Wordt je opgehaald van het vliegveld?

Ja, je wordt opgehaald van het vliegveld door de coordinator ter plaatse. Laat ons je vlucht gegevens weten en wij regelen dit voor je.

Kan ik zelf kiezen op wat voor soort project ik wil werken?

Ja dat kan je zeker doen. Tijdens je aanmelding kan je ons laten weten op welk project(en) je wilt meedoen. Je werkt ongeveer 4-5 uur per dag, van maandag tot vrijdag. In het weekend ben je vrij om te reizen of om de omgeving te ontdekken.

Zijn jullie vrijwilligerswerkprogramma’s geschikt om als stage te doen?

ja dat is mogelijk voor sommige projecten. In het verleden hebben we verschillende vrijwilligers gehad die ons programma gedaan hebben als stage. Neem contact met ons op als je specifieke eisen hebt voor je stage.

Kan ik verschillende landen combineren?

Ja je kan verschillende landen combineren. Dat is een geweldige mannier voor een unieke ervaring van twee verschillende culturen in één reis.

Kan ik na het vrijwilligerswerk nog rond gaan reizen?

Ja, dit kan je doen, wij hebben verschillende vrijwilligers die gaan rondreizen nadat hun programma gedaan is of voor hun programma start.

Wat is de gemiddelde leeftijd van de vrijwilligers?

Wij hebben vrijwilligers van verschillende leeftijden. De meeste vrijwilligers zijn tussen de 18 jaar en 35 jaar. Maar we hebben ook vrijwilligers die ouder zijn. De programma’s zijn geschikt voor zowel jongere vrijwilligers als oudere vrijwilligers.

Wanneer kan ik me inschrijven?

Hoe vroeger, hoe beter het is om zeker te zijn van je plaats op een project op de data van jouw keuze. Je kan je nog aanmelden tot 4 weken voor vertrek, wij laten je binnen de 24 uur weten of het programma nog beschikbaar is.

Zullen er andere vrijwilligers aanwezig zijn op het project?

Het aantal vrijwilligers kan variëren afhankelijk van de periode, het land en het project. Wij kunnen de aanwezigheid van andere vrijwilligers op het project niet garanderen.

Moet ik mijn vlucht zelf reserveren?

Ja je boekt zelf voor je vlucht. Eens je boekt laten wij je de details van je aankomst weten en dan kan jij je vlucht boeken. Laat ons dan je vlucht details weten en wij regelen je pickup bij aankomst.

Wat te doen in geval van moeilijkheden ter plaatse?

In geval van moeilijkheden ter plaatse dien je in eerste instantie contact op te nemen met de verantwoordelijke van het project ter plaatse om die persoon te informeren over je situatie. Als de problemen aanhouden, contacteer ons dan zodat we kunnen helpen indien dit nodig zou zijn.

Prijzen programma’s in Thailand

1 week : 395 Euro
2 weken : 585 Euro
3 weken : 775 Euro
4 weken : 995 Euro
+1 week : 225 Euro

Deze programma’s hebben een extra kost :
Temple School Effort, Construction Projects : 50 Euro
Phuket, Hua Hin Culture & Beach, Jungle Trek, Yoga, Cycling, Road Trip Thailand : 155 Euro
Elephant Sanctuary, Elephant Umphang, Chiang Rai, Gibbon, Train Track, Trunk South : 350 Euro

Internships – Kosten van de Stages
1 maand : 1500 Euro
Per extra week : 325 Euro

Kosten Upgrade Private of Comfort Room in Hua Hin & Singburi
Private Room per week : 85 Euro
Comfort Room per week : 125 Euro

Deze upgrades zijn afhankelijk van beschikbaarheid, dus je op tijd aanmelden of neem contact met ons op.
Laat het ons weten bij de opmerkingen op het aanvraagformulier weten als je een privékamer of comfortkamer wilt.

Inbegrepen : Plaatsing bij vrijwilligerswerk project • Ophaalservice van het vliegveld • Accommodatie • Maaltijden • Plaatselijke bijstand van onze partner • Certificaat op aanvraag na je terugkomst • Administratiekosten

Niet inbegrepen : vliegtuigticket heen/terug • visumkosten • transfer naar vlieghaven bij terugkeer • reisverzekering • kosten aanvraag verklaring omtrent gedrag

Hoe je Programma Boeken

Probeer zo vroeg mogelijk je programma te boeken want plaatsen zijn beperkt. Late aanmeldingen zijn echter welkom tot 3 weken voor je vertrek afhankelijk van de beschikbaarheid. Wanneer je een aanmelding doet laten we je weten binnen 24 uur tijdens werkdagen of je aanmelding aanvaard is. Deze aanmelding verplicht je niet om je programma te boeken, je beslist zelf of je wilt boeken.

Er zijn 3 stappen tijdens het boeken van je programma :

Vul het boekingsformulier in en wij contacteren je binnen de 24 uur.

Betaal je voorschot van 150 Euro om je programma te bevestigen.

Resterende kosten
Betaal je resterende kosten 6 weken voor je vertrek.

GapXperience-orange-logo-transparent copy

GapXperience is dé specialist voor goedkoop vrijwilligerswerk in het buitenland, culturele uitwisselingen en jongerenreizen meer dan 200 goedkope programma’s wereldwijd.