Premier TEFL Review

Read the Best TEFL Certification Online Courses reviews, with a full review of Premier TEFL, probably the best company to get your TEFL course & qualification, paid internships, and TEFL Jobs abroad.

It is important to find the best TEFL certification online so you can do a courses and programs that can get you teaching jobs abroad, answering all your questions about the courses for future teachers such as in countries in Asia like Thailand, China, South Korea, Japan or Vietnam or in Europe in Prague or Spain.

If you are looking for a job as an online course teacher, Premier TEFL is the one you are looking for. Premier TEFL is a popular company that offers high-quality online courses. The main thing about these courses is that you have the freedom to make your own schedule.

Start teaching English today and get paid to meet new people, learn about various cultures and even travel. Make new friends from around the world. This is an exciting opportunity you can’t miss.

Everything You Need to Know About TEFL

Located in Ireland, Premier TEFL is an independent consulting company that offers online courses. With more than 30 years of experience, the founders of this company have much to offer. There are multiple programs you can choose from like TEFL Certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), Certificate for Business English, IELTS, (International English Language Testing System), and many more.

Take the first step to make your dreams come true with Premier TEFL. All the online courses we offer are easy to understand and to follow. Anyone who is qualified enough to be an online course teacher will shine with confidence. 

Premier TEFL Accreditation

This company has been approved by the Accreditation Council for Distance Learning (ACDL). ACDL is a licensed organization in the UK that provides endorsements for highly qualified companies that offer online courses alongside other high-demand fields such as programming, education or journalism.

There is an important thing to point out. Since the ACDL is a relatively new organization, there is not much information available yet for their history. There’re other providers for our company, more popular organizations that have accreditation. 

What do they have to offer?

Authorized TEFL Courses

To meet global standards, our lead teaching team has created fast – track courses and Ofqual qualifications.

That’s what makes the courses highly engaging and energetic. The specific courses will give you the training you need to start teaching English confidently.

With all the qualifications we offer, like level 5 one, you will definitely stand out in an overcrowded market. These qualifications will help you beat your competition and obtain well-paid positions.

Well-Paid TEFL Internships in South America, Europe, and Asia

The internships are completely organized. With an all-inclusive, it will be very easy for you to learn the ropes. You don’t need to worry about and secure the teaching placement. In other words, you will have a lot of free time to focus on doing the things you want.

With this program, you will be ready to start teaching in no-time. From the trips of your dreams to free-rent housing, you can have everything you want if you become a part of TEFL.

They offer the best international schools, recruiters and placements to support our teachers. Especially if they want to move abroad. Become a part of their team and get paid to launch your new English teaching career right now!

TEFL Scholarship

TEFL offers a unique opportunity for qualified English teachers. Successful candidates can get a fully sponsored teaching tuition and get excellent experience abroad. There are multiple places you can go to like Hungary, the UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, and Romania. 

The moment you obtain 3 weeks of experience and combine them with 120h of proper training, your TEFL CV will look better than ever. Your experience will help you pave the way to your future and help you get even better jobs. With experience, you will know exactly what to expect from both week-long and short-term programs.

Getting Employed Abroad

The TEFL jobs are top-rated! To achieve what we have achieved today, we did a lot of review checking and research to give you the best experience. They will connect you with the most recommended employers and the most famous destinations. In fact, you will have a lot of free time to experience the wonderful scenery and explore all these exotic destinations.

Become a part of TEFL and get proper housing, high-quality training, and good salaries. 

Getting Premier TEFL – Why Should You?

If you want to teach abroad, you should definitely get the 120h advanced course – Premier TEFL. Your English must be fluent if you want to work abroad. 

Premier TEFL’s courses are organized by top-notch teaching professionals. Their online courses are famous around the world.  You will receive proper training in all the skills you have to perfect if you want to teach successfully.

If you haven’t been a teacher yet, don’t worry. There is a perfect Premier TEFL planning ideal for beginners. It is a great option for you to try your luck abroad and commit to something you always wanted to do, even though it doesn’t have in-class practicum. The more you commit yourself to your work, the better certifications you’ll obtain in the TEFL industry.

You will receive the exact training you need to start your job. The skills you will obtain will help your teaching career flourish.

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