Thailand Buddhism Program

Experience Thai Buddhism guided by local monks. You will sleep in an authentic monastery, practice meditation and learn Buddhism in its purest form.

During this week, you will get the opportunity to live and breathe Thai Buddhism firsthand. You will learn to meditate and chant in quiet and spiritual surrounding guided by monks. Moreover, you will get to overnight in a monastery and get to know how the day-to-day of living in one is all about.

about the program

Buddhism began in Northern India around the year 500 BCE. The Buddhist tradition gets its name from a man known by his followers as “the Buddha”, or “the awakened one”. Our program will show you the teaching of Buddhism in Thailand by means of practicing it instead of seeing or reading about it. Guided by local monks, you will learn techniques for meditation and chanting.

During this program, you will have the unique chance to stay overnight in a Thai Buddhist monastery.

Any room upgrades booked for this program only apply to your stay in our center, not to the nights in the monastery.

Aims & Objectives

The aim of this program is to give you an authentic insight into Thai Buddhism. You will learn about the history, customs and practices of this philosophy and get the chance to put them into practice yourself!

Schedule of the Program

Wang Nam Khiao
Depart from Singburi to Wang Nam Khiao
Stop at a set of waterfalls en route to Wang Nam Khiao
Arrive at the resort in Wang Nam Khiao in the afternoon
Walk around the village
Meditation and Buddhism ethics (how to pray and kneel, how to act around monks, etc)

Wang Nam Khiao
Early morning giving alms to the Monks
Introduction to the monastery
Q&A with a monk at Pha Rattanawan temple
Watch a documentary about Buddha & Buddhism
Explore a big local market, opportunity to buy black/white clothing for the monastery.
Karaoke at the resort

Buddhist Monastery
Depart for stay at Suptawee Monastery
Early morning giving alms to the Monks
Breakfast at the temple with monks and the community
Free time or, depending on the needs at the monastery, we may be asked by the monks to help with chores
Meditation & chanting

Buddhist Monastery
Early morning meditation & chanting session (3:30 am)
Short time for rest (meditation, shower, etc)
Give alms to the monks
Breakfast at the temple with monks and the community
Free time or, depending on the needs at the monastery, we may be asked by the monks to help with chores
Meditation & chanting

Wang Nam Khiao
Early morning meditation & chanting session (3:30 am)
Short time for rest (meditation, shower, etc)
Give alms to the monks
Breakfast at the temple with monks and the community
A visit to the old temple Ban Rai 2
Explore a mushroom farm
Head to Pa Keep Tawan viewpoint
BBQ Dinner

Wang Nam Khiao
Breakfast at the resort
Transfer back to Singburi for further programs or taken to the Wang Nam Khiao bus station if this is the end of your program.

This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Please note the following points:
Women are not allowed to stay close to monks or touch the monks, so please be cautious.
Do not point your feet to the monks or the Buddha as this is considered disrespectful
Men and women cannot sleep together during temple stay and passionate contact is not tolerated
Please be calm/quiet during and following meditation and chanting
Monks only eat one meal per day (breakfast). This means we probably won’t have lunch and dinner on Wednesday and Thursday (when we will sleep in the temple’s grounds)

Additional Equipment
Please bring enough white clothes that are not tight fitting or see-through. This can also be purchased at the local market

accommodation & meals

Your new home will be in the Nakhon Ratchasima province. Set amidst rolling hills, the views here are spectacular and the location is tranquil to match. Our resort is situated about 100km from the city of Nakhon Ratchasima and about 15 km from Wang Nam Khiao, the nearest town. It takes 30 minutes from the resort to get to Wang Nam Khiao, where you will find all the amenities you could need.

Accommodation & Food
About the Accommodation
During your time here, you will be staying in one of our eco cottages in single gender rooms.

The resort has a communal area where you can eat, relax, meet with other participants or just enjoy the impressive view. There is also WiFi available which covers most of the resort.

There is even a karaoke system in the resort’s communal area for those craving some self-styled entertainment noise!

Food Arrangements
All food is included during your stay and the meals will be typically Thai, including plenty of rice dishes (suitable for vegetarians). 

* On weekends brunch instead of breakfast and lunch

Due to its rural location, the nearest ATM is in Wang Nam Khiao (30 minutes by car), so please make sure you have enough money with you before arriving for your stay. However, since all food is provided you will probably not need much money here!

There is a small local store within walking distance. All other amenities can be found in Wang Nam Khiao (30 minutes by car).

Mandatory Orientation Day
On the Monday of your first week at this location, you will join our orientation day, to familiarize you with the surroundings as well as local culture. Your program will continue as usual from Tuesday onward throughout the rest of the week.

Depart from Singburi to Wang Nam Khiao
Lunch en route
Visit a waterfall en route to Wang Nam Khiao
Arrive at the resort
Introduction meeting, House rules, Setting Expectations, Health and Safety Advice and handling of documents.
Thai Do’s and Don’ts, Thai Culture Lessons and Thai Language Lessons.
Tour around the compound and local area where to find local shops, and arrange a sim-card if necessary.

Sights & Surroundings
The area is very rural and offers beautiful views of the Thai countryside. You are welcome to take advantage of the surroundings and go for a hike in the hills during your free time.

Reviews Thailand

“My experience with GapXperience was perfect. I really enjoyed sharing everyday’s life of the children. All of them were so cute and so nice. The staff were really nice and friendly. It was an amazing experience, I recommend it.”

Estelle Schoeb

“It was an amazing experience. I’ve learned a lot and it really opened my eyes. The children were so beautiful and cute. The staff at the orphanage were very nice. It was the best experience of my life.”

Sophine Kooiman

“Very well organized and made sure we felt at home straightaway. The program was varied and interesting, we learnt a lot. Our coordinator made the whole program very easy. Contact was always available if needed and they went out of their way to help. Definitely going to recommend to others. Absolutely brilliant!”

Philippa Tilbury

“The program was top notch from start to finish. I could not have been more impressed by the quality of treatment I received and the support from GapXperience as well as the accommodations. This program was amazing!”

Anna Soboleva

“The program was well run. Our coordinator was a dream. She is the warmest and most caring person I met in Thailand. All the volunteers in the group simply loved her. I think GapXperience has great volunteer opportunities.”

Reena Malhotra

“We are extremely privileged to have been able to spend time with the elephants all and hopefully made a positive impact in their lives. Being able to bathe, feed and care for the elephants is such a majestic experience. We would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat!”

Ash, Cody & Jess

How to Book your Program

Participants are encouraged to submit their applications as far in advance as possible as places on the program are limited. You can apply up to 1 month before your start date. Apply today and get ready for one of the most amazing experiences of your life!

Application Form
Fill out the Application Form. We will process your application and let you know if your application was successful within 24 hours.

Pay your deposit to reserve you place in the program. You can pay the deposit in these different currencies: £240, US$285 or €250.

Remaining Fees
Pay the remaining fees, minus the deposit which you already paid, six weeks before your start date of your program.

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