Thailand Elephant & Adventure in Umphang

Meet elephants in the incredible mountain-lined habitat of Thailand. Spend time feeding and bathing and trekking alongside them and more!

This adventure is situated in Umphang, one of the most spectacular natural environments surrounded by limestone cliffs. Here you will get to see these majestic creatures in their natural habitat and participate in the day to day routines of their care. You will be hands on, up close and fully engaged during this amazing experience.

about the program

Besides being notable throughout Thailand for its sensational scenery, Umphang is well known for its elephant population. Traditionally, these Asian Elephants have been carried out farm work and logging. Fortunately, the elephants are treated with a higher level of respect these days.

The program allows you to simultaneously interact with elephants, while discovering one of Thailand’s most breathtaking landscapes. You will have the experience of spending time, bonding and fully engaging with these incredible elephants as they roam in their natural habitat. You will be able to observe, walk with, swim with, and even bathe the elephants on a daily basis, because there is a beautiful lake on the property. If you like you can also choose to go rafting on the lake as well.

Additionally, you will help with the preparation of food for the elephants. Typically, this comes in the form of Banana grass, sugarcane and banana plants. You will be spending time alongside experienced mahouts, who have spent their entire lives gaining an understanding of the elephants and how best to care for them.

Please remember that we are here to take care of these graceful creatures and there will be no exploitation of the animals occurring at this project.

Please note that we currently restrict the Elephant program to a two-week maximum due to popular demand.

Aims & Objectives

Improve and maintain the natural environment that the Asian Elephants live in while taking care of them
Give you a unique, unforgettable experience of Thailand’s culture
Assist the local staff by providing an extra hand

Schedule of the Program

You will be transferred from Singburi to the project site by bus in the evening (around 20:00)

Pick up from Mae sot bus station to head to Umphang by local truck (4 hours)
Time to rest and relax
Visit the elephants to feed them

Cut banana trees to feed the elephants
Feed the elephants
Washing and swimming with the elephants
Trek for 2km up towards the beautiful Palatha waterfall overseeing the district of Umphang

Cut banana trees to feed the elephants
Feed the elephants
Washing & swimming with the elephants
Visit a nearby Karen Tribe village

Cut banana trees to feed the elephants
Feed the elephants
Washing & swimming with the elephants
Head to the mountain to see the sunset (possibility for camping if weather is good)

A short trek to reach a gorgeous waterfall where we can swim and relax
Back to the guest house
Time to relax

Transfer back to Singburi if you are continuing further programs with us. For those whose this week is their last, we will transfer you to Mae Sot bus station, which has excellent connections to the rest of Thailand.

Warm clothes as the temperature can cool down a lot during the evening in this area of Thailand

* This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

accommodation & meals


Set amid numerous national parks, mountains and lakes, you will find yourself surrounded by nature and beauty at its finest. It offers a peaceful environment and a perfect setting to see the elephants enjoy their natural habitat.

Accommodation & Food

About the Accommodation

Our accommodation here is at a wooden cabin guest house. There is even a bar to enjoy in the evenings!

Food Arrangements

Three healthy and delicious meals will be provided each day, carefully balancing Thai food for the Western tongue.

There are Thai restaurants, bars, and shops located within walking distance from the accommodation as it’s in the middle of a small yet lively village.

There is an ATM machine nearby at a 7/11.

Since our Umphang accommodation is set in such a beautiful and unspoilt natural environment, you can go for a trek and be in awe at the Thi Lo Su waterfall (you visit this on the program schedule), which is supposedly the largest waterfall in Thailand. While trekking in the area, you might also stumble across Karen hill tribe villages, originally Burmese people who have since spread across the Thai-Karen border.

Umphang village is home to 3 temples and you can always catch the monks and provide alms in the morning (around 6 am).

Reviews Thailand

“My experience with GapXperience was perfect. I really enjoyed sharing everyday’s life of the children. All of them were so cute and so nice. The staff were really nice and friendly. It was an amazing experience, I recommend it.”

Estelle Schoeb

“It was an amazing experience. I’ve learned a lot and it really opened my eyes. The children were so beautiful and cute. The staff at the orphanage were very nice. It was the best experience of my life.”

Sophine Kooiman

“Very well organized and made sure we felt at home straightaway. The program was varied and interesting, we learnt a lot. Our coordinator made the whole program very easy. Contact was always available if needed and they went out of their way to help. Definitely going to recommend to others. Absolutely brilliant!”

Philippa Tilbury

“The program was top notch from start to finish. I could not have been more impressed by the quality of treatment I received and the support from GapXperience as well as the accommodations. This program was amazing!”

Anna Soboleva

“The program was well run. Our coordinator was a dream. She is the warmest and most caring person I met in Thailand. All the volunteers in the group simply loved her. I think GapXperience has great volunteer opportunities.”

Reena Malhotra

“We are extremely privileged to have been able to spend time with the elephants all and hopefully made a positive impact in their lives. Being able to bathe, feed and care for the elephants is such a majestic experience. We would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat!”

Ash, Cody & Jess

How to Book your Program

Participants are encouraged to submit their applications as far in advance as possible as places on the program are limited. You can apply up to 1 month before your start date. Apply today and get ready for one of the most amazing experiences of your life!

Application Form
Fill out the Application Form. We will process your application and let you know if your application was successful within 24 hours.

Pay your deposit to reserve you place in the program. You can pay the deposit in these different currencies: £240, US$285 or €250.

Remaining Fees
Pay the remaining fees, minus the deposit which you already paid, six weeks before your start date of your program.

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