Thailand Hill Tribe Immersion

Get immersed in the world of the Akha people, experience fun cultural activities and the natural surroundings of one of the most sublime parts of Thailand.

Enjoy one of the most charming and fascinating areas in Thailand. Our program was designed to merge together two completely different worlds: the Akha’s and yours. Through either teaching, gardening or construction work, you will help them develop their infrastructure whilst helping to preserve their lifestyle and culture.

about the program

One of our most diverse programs in one of the most stunning spots in Thailand. This visit to Thailand’s northern Hill Tribe community will be hard to forget. The Akha people are a disadvantaged minority that migrated into Thailand. By living and breathing their culture you will learn about their unique and distinct lifestyle.

This program will have you immersed in the village, experiencing a range of cultural activities, as well as enjoying the surrounding fauna, wildlife and tourist attractions on the final day.

Your main activity will be to help out the local Akha people through various means such as teaching, gardening and light construction and renovation.

The idea here is not to try to alter their culture or perceptions in any way, but rather to embrace their way of life and learn from one another. This means open mindedness and a willingness to help and understand the needs of the Akha people.

The hilltop village is not far from the Northern city of Chiang Rai and is surrounded by lush jungle, which provide with natural resources that the Akhas use to survive. Plants are used for healing, bamboo helps construct their homes, hunting and farming provides them with food. The Akha people have their own unique language, religion and culture.

Aims & Objectives

Assist with the development of infrastructure and education of the local Akha people
Learn about and experience a unique way of life while broadening your knowledge of the local customs, history and culture

Schedule of the Program

Akha Village Chiang Rai
After dinner, you will take an overnight bus to Chiang Rai (Northern Thailand)

Akha Village Chiang Rai
Pickup in Chiang Rai and head to the village (1 and a half hour drive)
Visit the local dam where you will have breakfast and get a chance to swim
Explore Akha village and the Akha, it’s a holy place

Akha Village Chiang Rai
Working for the Akha village. Tasks vary depending on the needs at the time ranging from teaching at the school, construction work or agricultural activities
Akha language lessons
Visit to the local evening market
Language lessons in the evening

Akha Village Chiang Rai
Trekking into the jungle
Learn how to make bamboo cups
Natural hot spa or kayaking on the lake (depending on the weather)

Akha Homestay
Working for the Akha village. Tasks vary depending on the needs at the time ranging from activities such as handmade handicraft, bracelets etc
Exploring the Akha hill tribe village and learning more about the hill tribe culture
Sleep at a local’s home in order to experience and get fully immersed in the Akha lifestyle

Akha Village Chiang Rai
Working for the Akha village. Tasks vary depending on the needs at the time ranging from teaching at the school, construction work or agricultural activities
Visit a coffee house , learn how to roast coffee make you own coffee
Visit to a pool or canoeing
Cooking for the hill tribe people, who will visit us in the accommodation to try out our dishes
Goodbye party with the locals, they will perform a ceremony typical of their culture which you will partake in

Akha Village Chiang Rai
Travel to Chiang Rai
Stop at a waterfall to swim
Chiang Rai City tour with visits to the White Temple
Visit a mall and then head back to Singburi at evening.

This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.
Warm clothes as the temperature can cool down a lot during the evening in this area of Thailand

accommodation & meals

Close to Chiang Rai, the Akha village you will be staying at is located amidst the hills, surrounded by lush jungle. Here, you will get immersed into the lives of the Akha people in a truly authentic and unique location, far away from any travel guide!

Accommodation & Food
About the Accommodation
The Akha hill tribe village is outside the city of Chiang Rai and you will be living there during your time on this program. Our center is located within the village and the style of the rooms was made in order to resemble the rest of the houses in the village. You will be sharing a dormitory style room with your fellow participants. As it is common in the village, don’t expect beds. You are likely to sleep on a mattress on the ground.

Cell phone reception is incredibly limited – you really are living in and experiencing rural Thailand at this location! But you might be able to reach some reception at higher levels.

* 3 meals on weekdays, 2 on weekends

Food Arrangements
Local dishes are provided on site – 3 meals per day, but 2 during the weekends. Please note that you will be expected to cook dinner on Fridays in order to show the Akha people the food from your home country!

There is a small village shop but please remember this is an incredibly rural and authentic location – there are no ATMs, so please make sure you arrive to the location with some cash on you.

Reviews Thailand

“My experience with GapXperience was perfect. I really enjoyed sharing everyday’s life of the children. All of them were so cute and so nice. The staff were really nice and friendly. It was an amazing experience, I recommend it.”

Estelle Schoeb

“It was an amazing experience. I’ve learned a lot and it really opened my eyes. The children were so beautiful and cute. The staff at the orphanage were very nice. It was the best experience of my life.”

Sophine Kooiman

“Very well organized and made sure we felt at home straightaway. The program was varied and interesting, we learnt a lot. Our coordinator made the whole program very easy. Contact was always available if needed and they went out of their way to help. Definitely going to recommend to others. Absolutely brilliant!”

Philippa Tilbury

“The program was top notch from start to finish. I could not have been more impressed by the quality of treatment I received and the support from GapXperience as well as the accommodations. This program was amazing!”

Anna Soboleva

“The program was well run. Our coordinator was a dream. She is the warmest and most caring person I met in Thailand. All the volunteers in the group simply loved her. I think GapXperience has great volunteer opportunities.”

Reena Malhotra

“We are extremely privileged to have been able to spend time with the elephants all and hopefully made a positive impact in their lives. Being able to bathe, feed and care for the elephants is such a majestic experience. We would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat!”

Ash, Cody & Jess

How to Book your Program

Participants are encouraged to submit their applications as far in advance as possible as places on the program are limited. You can apply up to 1 month before your start date. Apply today and get ready for one of the most amazing experiences of your life!

Application Form
Fill out the Application Form. We will process your application and let you know if your application was successful within 24 hours.

Pay your deposit to reserve you place in the program. You can pay the deposit in these different currencies: £240, US$285 or €250.

Remaining Fees
Pay the remaining fees, minus the deposit which you already paid, six weeks before your start date of your program.

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