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Join our Gap Year Tours & Voluntours in Bali, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka & Thailand. Joining our tours while travelling is an exciting way to gain deep insights into the country you are visiting, the lives of the local people and the culture giving you a new dimension to your travel experience abroad by giving back to the local communities that have welcomed you.

GapXperience a leader in Gap Year & Volunteer Programs Abroad

Established over 14 years ago, we have grown to become one of the world’s leading gap & volunteer travel companies with 200+ programs in over 30+ countries around the world.

We see volunteering and meaningful travel as an essential part of personal and career development, playing a key role in building on life and work related skills. We believe that by volunteering, experiencing, living & working side-by-side with local communities in developing countries, participants can come away with a greater understanding of the global community, the cultural diversity and the challenges that developing countries face.

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GapXperience Testimonials

“The program was a great experience for me. The kids I taught were smart and happy. They were willing to learn which was amazing.”

Kate Darling

“The quality of the program is shown by the way it has a direct impact on the kids, giving the real experience of the Philippines.”

Damien Hawes

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GapXperience provides safe, meaningful, quality and affordable gap year & volunteer programs abroad with over 200 programs worldwide.

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